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'Vagabond' Episode 4 Beauty - Suzy lipstick10-OCT-2019 Miss A  Suzy

Suzy is the lead actress of the hot drama 'Vagabond'. In the drama, this beauty queen does not miss an occasion to impress with perfect makeup and fashion.

In Korea, many have been curious about Suzy’s lipstick. The most searched keywords related to Suzy are 'lipstick', 'acting', 'sunglasses', 'fashion', 'beauty', and 'Lancome Teint idole Suzy Vagabond'.

The lipsticks are from the brand Lancome for which the actress is the model.

190919 _ Vagabond _ Suzy _ lancome _ labsolu rouge 100days dried rose _ CodiPOP

LANCOME - L'absolu rouge long ultra rough #264

On episode 4, the actress is seen using a lipstick before talking to Shin SungRok acting as Ki TaeWoong and this is the “L’ABSOLU ROUGE DRAMA MATTE” 505 Adoration


When his nephew dies in a plane crash, stunt man Cha Dal-geon resolves to find out what happened, with the help of covert operative Go Hae-ri.
Cha Dal-Geon (Lee Seung-Gi) is a stunt man who dreams of becoming a world famous action actor. His career is floundering, while he tries to take care of his nephew as his guardian. His nephew takes a flight from Incheon to Morocco for a taekwondo exhibition, but the flight crashes. In Morocco, Cha Dal-Geon sees someone in public that was a passenger on the fatal flight. He becomes convinced that someone or some group sabotaged his nephew's flight.
Go Hae-Ri (Bae Suzy) is an NIS agent and is currently working undercover at the Korean embassy in Morocco. She is tasked by the embassy to help the bereaved families from the fatal flight. Cha Dal-Geon turns to Go Hae-Ri for help in finding the man he saw in Morocco who was a passenger on the flight. Soon, Cha Dal-Geon and Go Hae-Ri uncover a far darker and more sinister conspiracy than they expected.

Starring:Lee Seung-gi, Bae Suzy, Shin Sung-rok
Creators:Yu In-sik, Jang Yeong-cheol, Jeong Gyeong-sun

About the Celebrity

Suzy, or Bae Su-ji, is a South Korean actress and singer. She debuted as a member of K-pop girl group Miss A under JYP Entertainment and has since focused on her foray into the acting scene. Her notable television shows include Uncontrollably Fond (2016), While You Were Sleeping(2017), and the recent Vagabond (2019).