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3 Pairs of Vintage Style Pants You Need in Spring Summer 201914-MAR-2019

Look out! A huge vintage wave is hitting the fashion scene this Spring Summer seasons. It is finally time to pay your local charity shop a good visit to shop for these retro trends. Here we pick out 3 pairs of vintage style pants you absolutely need to own this season.

3 Pairs of Vintage Style Pants You Need in Spring Summer 2019

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Bootcut Pants

An oddly exciting look from supermodel Gigi Hadid. The fur jacket over a simple white tee paired with bootcut jeans and vintage pointy heels is a look that’s modern and powerful.

Bootcut Pants - Gigi Hadid

As a successful fashion designer and businesswoman, Victoria Beckham knows her fashion. Bootcut pants are great for a petite body type like Victoria’s. Style it with a fitted sweater and a pair of heels, you will be as stylish as her.

Bootcut Pants - Victoria Beckham

When Boho meets Cowboy. British actress Emma Miller pulled off a retro-inspired chic look with a brown jacket over a white lace-up blouse and paired with blue denim bootcuts. Thanks to the brimmed red hat, her look is perfectly complemented.

Bootcut Pants - Emma Miller

Editor's Picks

Stylenanda Flared Single Tone Slacks

From Stylenanda

Kongstyle Washed Boot-Cut Jeans

From Kongstyle

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are probably your best choice if you are shooting for a low-key utility look. Check out Kourtney Kardashian’s tried and true outfit idea. Grab one of your cropped tees and pair it with cargo pants. The metal chain is a key element to her look. Accessory wise, you can either wear heels like she did or simply throw on your favorite trainers.

Cargo Pants - Kourtney Kardashian

Sexy top and cargo pants with animal print heeled boots, Emily Ratajkowski rocked a wild sexy safari look in city version.

Cargo Pants - Emily Ratajkowski

Challenging the impossible. We all know how hard it is to pull off an all-white look. Chinese singer Song Qian rocked a sweet and stylish all-white ensemble with her retro cargo pants.

Cargo Pants - Victoria Song Qian

Editor's Picks

Stylenanda Self-Tie Waist Strap Elastic Cuff Pants

From Stylenanda

Stylenanda Semi-Elastic Waist Pleated Harem Pants

From Stylenanda

High-waisted Pants

Your bomber jacket look is never complete without a pair of vintage high-waisted jeans. Check out Korean singer Lisa (Blackpink)’s cool outfit!

HIgh Waisted Jeans - Blackpink Lisa

Dare to show your difference and express yourself. Pair your high-waisted jeans with tops in bold colors like Korean singer and song-writer Hyuna did and wear it with a bit of attitude.

HIgh Waisted Jeans - HyunA

If you have a body figure like supermodel Kendal Jenner, the best approach is the simplest approach. Pair your high-waisted jeans with a tight pull-over and sneakers.

HIgh Waisted Jeans - Kendal Jenner

Editor's Picks

Michyeora High-Rise Washed Skinny Jeans

From Michyeora

Michyeora High-Waist Straight-Cut Pants

From Michyeora

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