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4 Gorgeous Styles of Bohemian Dress You Should Try This Summer06-MAY-2019

The bohemian dress: we owe it to the rich gypsy and hippie cultures of the mid 20th century for that beautiful garment. If it hadn’t been for those rebellious and nature loving people who saw to it that their freedom is not compromised, we wouldn’t have such an amazing silhouette to play around with.

Ever since the garment came into the fashion scene, we have been seeing a number of different versions of the same in mini, midi, and maxi lengths. Given how flowy, breezy and beautiful the silhouette is, we all know that the garment shouts spring and summer in every way. For the same reason, it is time to invest in a new version of the bohemian dress this season.

Now if you’re in the dark about what style to go for, here’s a quick little guide on some of the most trending ones.

4 Gorgeous Styles of Bohemian Dress You Should Try This Summer

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The Sahara Princess

As the name suggests, this style is inspired by the endless desert. As you may have guessed, the colors are mostly warm beiges and nudes; think of the ever so light and flowing desert sand. Both in terms of color and character, the sand comes through. Other shades of neutral are also used in this style. 

Stylenanda V-Neck Fringed Hem Dress

From Stylenanda

Stylenanda Frilled Shoulder Lace Trim Dress

From Stylenanda

The fit is, of course, loose and as for the elements, there’s everything from ruffles to smocks to tassels and top stitches. The length is mostly maxi or calf length and needless to say, the look is gorgeous.

Naning9 Mockneck Shirred Long Dress

From Naning9

Naning9 See-Through Frilled Maxi Dress Cream

From Naning9

The Exotic Wanderer

The exotic wanderer look is of course inspired by the colors and patterns of different countries and cultures. A lot of bold colors are used in a variety of designs. 

PPGirl Drape-Front Patterned Long Pinafore Dress

From PPGirl

But the fit, unlike the Sahara Princess, is snugger. This style looks flattering and feminine, put together with paraphernalia like ruffles and laces. Prints do play an important role in this style and yet again, the length is mostly maxi.

Stylenanda Self-Tie Back Abstract Print Dress

From Stylenanda

PPGirl Patterned Long Surplice-Wrap Dress

From PPGirl

The Wild Animal Tamer

This style is indeed for the wild hearts. The name says it all; the wild animal tamer is all about gorgeous animal prints. From cheetahs to leopards to tigers or snakes, you name it; there is not one that a boho dress cannot carry off. 

New Look tie waist animal dress in pink pattern

From New Look

There are no limits for colors here, if there are wild animals on your dress then you can have the wildest colors too. 

Reclaimed Vintage inspired cami midi dress in animal print

From Reclaimed Vintage

Here’s a little tip though, being an all-over print, it is always best to break the monotony with a little skin show here and there. Perhaps off-shoulders or noodle straps or a thigh-high slit should do the trick.

ASOS DESIGN ruched front animal print maxi dress


The Vintage Lover

The vintage lover is a style inspired by the conventional and classic floral print. It goes without saying that the color and design possibilities are endless here. This one too involves an all-over pattern, accompanied by the quintessential ruffles that have come to be synonymous with the boho-chic look. 

Stylenanda Floral Print Buttoned Front A-Line Dress

From Stylenanda

The fit can be both loose-fitting and form-fitting because for an all-over print it doesn’t really matter. 

Stylenanda Frilled Chelsea Collar Floral Print Dress

From Stylenanda

Keeping both the skirt and the sleeves flowing with a cinched waist can perhaps be the most flattering look in this style.

Hello Sweety Tie-Waist Floral Print Dress

From Hello Sweety

So which style of bohemian dress is your favorite? DO share your thoughts in comments.

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