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Asian Celebrities Wearing the Same Outfits: Who Wore It Better? - May 201913-MAY-2019

It has been a while since our last Who Wore It Better article. Today we have gathered for you some outfits that are adored by our favorite celebrities. It’s time to sharpen your fashion-judging eyes and see whose outfit do you prefer.  

Asian Celebrities Wearing the Same Outfits

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Sunmi vs. Jessica Jung

Jessica Jung vs Sunmi in Isabel Marant

We all know how tricky it is to drive a double denim outfit, but that is no excuse for us to miss out on the super cute Iolana denim jacket from Isabel Marant with statement-making structured sleeves and a pair of matching high-rise denim shorts

Jessica Jung strategically used black to visually break her pink double denim look with a strong reference from the ’80s, and it worked wonderfully in my opinion. 

On the other hand, I can’t help but feel Sunmi is a bit overwhelmed by her look and just missed a little bit of character. 

Point goes to Jessica Jung.

Joy (Red Velvet) vs. Park Min-young

Red Velvet Joy vs Park Min-young in Johnny Hates Jazz

Red Velvet's Joy and Park Min-young both wore a stunning tulle wrap mini dress from Korean fashion brand Johnny Hates Jazz and both looked feminine and sexy. 

The pink version Joy wore may require a bit of contrast when it comes to accessories or a sleeker and refreshing makeup as well as hairstyle. 

The ivory version Park Min-young sits well with her skin tone and personal aura. 

Therefore, the point goes to Park Min-young.

Lee Ha-nee vs. Seohyun vs. Dilraba Dilmurat

Dilraba Dilmurat vs Seohyun vs Lee Ha-nee in Valentino

A gorgeous pleated red dress from Valentino with a statement-making oversized buckle leather belt pretty much tickles all of our fancies when it comes to standing out from the crowd when attending official events. 

Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmurat, Korean singer Seohyun and Korean actress Lee Ha-nee all wore this stunning outfit from ValentinoDilraba’s look is young and chic, Lee Ha-nee's look is elegant and sexy, while Seohyun, in my opinion, had chosen the wrong-sized bag for her look.  

Victoria Song vs. Dilraba Dilmurat

Dilraba Dilmurat vs Victoria Song in Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang’s belted black playsuit is modern and chic with an exotic touch to the details. The strong Asian reference might be the reason why both Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmura and singer Victoria Song were drawn to it. 

Victoria’s look is chic and sleek while Dilraba’s look is a bit overwhelming with the thigh-high boots overpowering the centerpiece of her look. 

Victoria took a clear win in my opinion.

Bea Hayden vs. Kim Sa-rang

Bea Hayden and Kim Sa-rang in Giambattista Valli

A cute dress with draped, ruffled and layered skirt panel is all you need to strike a notice-me look in the crowd. Both Bea Hayden and Kim Sa-rang attended events wearing Giambattista Valli’s draped silk georgette dress

Bea Hayden styled the dress with black heeled sandals and a more playful hairstyle while Kim Sa-rang styled the dress with silver heeled sandals and a more girl next door vibe. Both looks are spot on and sat well with their personalities. 

Points to both of them. 

Which look do you see yourself in?  

IU vs. Irene (Red Velvet)

IU vs Red Velvet Irene in Alessandra Rich

Every woman should have at least one floral-print dress in her wardrobe. If you are still looking for one, check out this gorgeous floral-print silk-devore mini dress from Alessandra Rich. Korean singer IU and Red Velvet Irene both look stunning in the dress. 

With IU’s hair up, she better showcased the design details with the high neck and the ruched sleeves. 

With Irene’s hair down her look is more romantic and feminine. 

They both nailed their looks in different ways, who would you vote for?


So who do you think wore the outfits better? DO share your thoughts in comments. 

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