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4 Most Booming Styles of Wrap Skirt in Spring Summer 201930-MAY-2019

Some things in fashion are so powerful that they go down in history and stand as a benchmark against which future improvisations are measured. One such trend that we never knew would be a milestone in fashion was the birth of the wrap skirt; Diane Von Furstenberg’s very own feminine and flattering brainchild of a silhouette, one that has come to be one of the most iconic outfits of all time.

As always, classic trends only get better and better with each passing season. Hence, the regular wrap skirt now has many sisters and cousins that we all get to play around with.

So here are the most trending versions of the wrap skirt that you can check out.

4 Most Booming Styles of Wrap Skirt in Spring Summer 2019

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The mini wrap skirt

A mini length wrap skirt can be the cutest or the sexiest casual piece of clothing you can ever own. And the way you style it can reveal even more dimensions of beauty. 

Knife pleats are one of the most “in” attributes in skirts these days. Hence a knife pleated mini wrap skirt is one way to go. 

Rocket X Lunch-Wrap Pleats Mini Skirt

Rocket X Lunch Wrap Pleats Mini Skirt

Other than that, you can also go crazy with the hemlines and waistlines: there are ruffled and asymmetrical wrap skirts, there are also simple wrap skirts with a paper bag waist. 

KONGSTYLE Self-Tie Mini Wrap Skirt

KONGSTYLE Self-Tie Mini Wrap Skirt

CHUU Frilled-Detail Wrap-Front Skirt

CHUU Frilled-Detail Wrap-Front Skirt

In terms of colors, well, there really are no limits. But make sure that the color combo remains balanced if you’re going for extra drama on your skirt.

DABAGIRL  Vivid Pattern Mini Wrap Skirt

DABAGIRL Vivid Pattern Mini Wrap Skirt

The midi wrap skirt

The thing with a midi length wrap skirt is that it can be dressed up or down. 

Plain and neutral colored wrap skirts with straight hemlines or even asymmetrical hemlines can work superbly as office wear. 

CHUU Floral Print Wrap-Front Long Skirt

CHUU Floral Print Wrap-Front Long Skirt

On the other hand, printed and bright colored midi wrap skirts can become your beach buddy or your BFF when stepping out. 

LETQSTUDIO-Polka Dot Wrap Skir

LETQSTUDIO Polka Dot Wrap Skirt

For a formal look, you could choose a grey colored plain A-line wrap skirt to go with your dress shirt.

NUVO10-Unbalanced Wrap Skirt

NUVO.10 Unbalanced Wrap Skirt

The deconstructed wrap skirt

The deconstructed style is probably one of the newest additions to the family of wrap skirts. And we can’t thank the trendsetters enough! Here you get to combine different colors as well as completely different textures in a single skirt to form a unique ensemble. Needless to say, it is a rather bold or “quirky” trend if you will, to carry off. But, if you wear it the right way, you can become a trendsetter yourself. 

Opt for plaid and plain layers; multi-colored and black 

ANDERSSON BELL-Ria Multicolor Fringe Wrap Mini-Skirt

ANDERSSON BELL Ria Multicolor Fringe Wrap Mini-Skirt

or pleated and plain layers in the same color for a subtle yet statement-making look. 

ANDERSSON BELL-Amelia Pleats Combo Linen Skirts

ANDERSSON BELL Amelia Pleats Combo Linen Skirts

If you want to go all out, try box pleats and buttoned layers in contrasting colors.

RECTO-Pleated Panel Wrap Skirt

RECTO. Pleated Panel Wrap Skirt

The belted wrap skirt

Out of all the improvisations, the belted style brings a rather formal touch to the silhouette. Unlike its casual counterparts, the slit of the skirt usually comes in the center in most cases. But it will only be a matter of time before the side slit versions break into the scene. The highlight, of course, is the statement belt; one that cinches the waistline to reveal your flattering figure, one that perfectly matches the color and length of your skirt. 

You could either go for the same colored belt or contrasting color. You can also go for a plain buckle or a fancy one. The idea is simply to direct focus towards the waistline and then let your A-line wrap skirt do the rest of the talking.

DABAGIRL Inset Shorts Belted Long Wrap Skirt

DABAGIRL Inset Shorts Belted Long Wrap Skirt

KONGSTYLE Lace Detail Shirtdress  Belted Wrap Miniskirt Black

KONGSTYLE Lace Detail Shirtdress + Belted Wrap Miniskirt Black

Which style are you going for? DO share your thoughts in comments.

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