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Green is a Must-try Color Trend in 201903-JUN-2019

With green being the color of grass, trees and … pretty much life, it has an immediate calming effect on a person.

We have spent a good amount of time in navy blue, grey and earthy colors in the cold days. And now, as the weather is getting warmer every day, something as refreshing and calming as green is certainly a color that we would appreciate.

Now you may think green is not your color but think again! There is a whole set of shades of green waiting for you to explore.


Photo: Pantone Spring/Summer 2019 Color Trend Highlights

Thanks to fashion influencers and fashion editors, green is one of the hottest color trends on Pinterest SS19.

Today we have gathered some inspiring green outfits from celebrities. Hopefully, it can give you a head start to find your footing in this #greenaesthetic trend.

Green is a Must-try Color Trend in 2019

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How celebrities wear Green

Korean singer Kwon Nara wearing an oversized pullover in chartreuse green. This shade of green is bright yet not too hard on the eye, great for a sporty street look on a cool summer morning.

Green Color Trend 2019 - Kwon Nara

Check out Kwon Nara's look here

It is always a simple yet stylish choice to wear a two-piece set in the same color. Korean singer Hyuna’s youthful sporty look with an olive-green cropped top and a matching mini skirt is definitely a summer hit.

Green Color Trend 2019 - HyunA

Check out HyunA's look here

You can still enjoy a soft knit dress on a hot day. Check out Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmurat’s knit mini dress in parakeet green. This shade of green is focused and bright, and it works well with both bright and dark skin tones.

Green Color Trend 2019 - Dilraba Dilmurat

Check out Dilraba Dilmurat's look here

If you are not sure what to wear with green, it is always a safe option to go for neutral colors, such as navy, beige, grey or black. Chinese actress Lareina Song styled her ruffled sweater in muted lime green with a pair of black pants and navy sneakers.  

Green Color Trend 2019 - Lareina Song Zuer

Check out Lareina Song's look here

Have fun and get creative! Chinese-Australian singer, dancer and actress Cecilia Boey with her lime green cropped top and checked pants are sweet and refreshing. Don’t forget accessory is the key to a successful outfit.  

Green Color Trend 2019 - Cecilia Boey

Speaking of accessory, you may be surprised by how easy a simple belt bag can dial up your look. Check out Chinese actress Zhang Li’s cute belt bag in neon green over her green and white checked blazer look.

Green Color Trend 2019 - Zhang Li

Want a perfect balanced look between fashion and comfort? Chinese actress Yang Mi certainly got the right idea. She put together a young and stylish sporty casual look with an oversized hoodie in seafoam green and a pair of comfortable biker pants.

Green Color Trend 2019 - Yang Mi

Check out Yang Mi's look here

A much-hyped sage color this season in the form of an extremely elegant gown form presented by Chinese actress Fan Bingbing. The color really lightened up and well complimented her skin tone.

Green Color Trend 2019 - Fan Bingbing

Time to get your own Green pieces

Mango floral print midi dress in green

Mango floral print midi dress in green



MARRON EDITION Grass-Green Cotton Midi Dress

MARRON EDITION Grass-Green Cotton Midi Dress

Monki oversized hoodie

Monki oversized hoodie

VEM VER V Neck Flare Dress Green

VEM.VER V Neck Flare Dress Green

So how do you wear Green this season? DO share your thoughts in comments.

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