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Top 5 Must-Have Bags For The Summer26-JUN-2019

What’s one of the most important, most crucial and most functional accessories that can quite literally make or break your entire look?

Yes, you guessed it right. It’s a handbag or a purse. It can pull together your whole look and it allows you to carry all your essentials. So it does the job of being stylish and as mentioned before, being functional as well.

Every year once the Spring and Summer runway shows are over, we are left with an overwhelming choice of bags and purses to pick for ourselves. And most of the time we end up picking some colors and shapes that are safe and common, so as not to end up looking odd or outrageous.

To save you from that hassle and to help you stay ahead on the bag trends this time, here are 5 of the must-have bags that you absolutely need to get your hands on this Summer.


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Canvas bags

Canvas bags are not exactly new additions to the trends list, but they have definitely been gaining popularity of late. 

Being made of fabric, they are eco-friendly as well and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. That probably explains why people have been going crazy over them because it is the age of eco-friendly everything. So you might as well go for a bag that contributes to the cause too. 

ASOS DESIGN tote bag in beige with zebra box print

ASOS DESIGN tote bag in beige with zebra box print

You get these bags in graphics prints or all-over prints or even in plain colored canvas. There are brands that also allow you to customize so you can have it match your outfit. So all you Earth lovers; look no further.

ECOMMAE Ribbon Mini Canvas Bag

ECOMMAE Ribbon Mini Canvas Bag

Oversized tote bags

Oversized tote bags have also been a favorite among women, especially shopaholics ever since the ’90s. The good news is that the size bar just keeps getting higher. 

Today we’re looking at super large sized tote bags to go with casual summery looks. Even the likes of high fashion brands are creating larger versions of their once popular tote bags in keeping with the latest trends this Summer. 

STYLENANDA Cutout Handle Open Top Woven Bag

STYLENANDA Cutout Handle Open Top Woven Bag

What’s more, there is absolutely no bar on the textures or colors that you can go for.

JOSEPH  STACEY Lucky Pleats Canvas

JOSEPH & STACEY Lucky Pleats Canvas

PVC bags

If there’s one thing that Summer runways have told us time and time again, it is that PVC is huge. 

From PVC coats to PVC shoes and PVC handbags, the material has simply gained some sort of relentless attention being that it is see-through and let’s face it, hella stylish. 

JOSEPH  STACEY Dover Beach Bag

JOSEPH & STACEY Dover Beach Bag

If you don’t want to be the old fashioned grandma who uses a paper and pen in the age of smartphones, you need to get your hands on a PVC bag of your own. 

Celebrities have shown that it is super fun to carry these see-through beauties with bright neon colored outfits. But hey, you can try and make a statement of your own too.

ASOS DESIGN plastic tote bag with text print

ASOS DESIGN plastic tote bag with text print

Straw bags

Once upon a time, straw bags used to rule the beaches. High fashion brands even made venues out of beaches and included unique exquisite straw bags a part of their collection. 

Well, what do you know, we are right back into the future. There is something about the straw color and texture that makes it oh so sought after and beautiful. 

AKRO Weaving Tote Bag

AKRO Weaving Tote Bag

And let’s not forget the fact that it is environment-friendly too. So here again, we have fashion with a purpose.

AKRO Basket Ball Bag

AKRO Basket Ball Bag

Woven bags

Woven bags are another textured treasure of a bag that simply shouts summer. It brings about picnic vibes and it goes with cute summer dresses and skirts. 

There are unique shapes and silhouettes among woven bags too that you can go ahead and experiment with. Over-sized ones are in fashion once again; so you can carry all of your summer essentials in these. 

STYLENANDA Cutout Handle Woven Tote Bag

STYLENANDA Cutout Handle Woven Tote Bag

One message seems to be loud and clear though, through all these; that people are more conscious than ever about the planet.

STYLENANDA Flat Woven Tote Bag

STYLENANDA Flat Woven Tote Bag

So which one of these styles are you getting? DO share your thoughts in comments.

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