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Top Celebrities Show You What to Wear When Meeting the Parents08-AUG-2019

Meeting your Mr. right’s parents is one of the big moments in your relationship. Whether admit it or not, the parents most of the time has the power to make or break a couple. So how to find the right outfit to show your fashion taste as well as make it family appropriate? Gain some inspiration from our carefully picked outfit ideas that will help you win your partner’s parents’ heart in style.

Top Celebrities Show You What to Wear When Meeting the Parents

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Button-up Shirt

Pump up the sex appeal for your date night is a good idea. However, when it comes to meeting your partner’s parents, that may be a different story. Your partner’s parents may be as open and edgy as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West when it comes to personal styling, but still, they don’t need to see more than what they need to see. A stylish button-up shirt, in this case, would be a good choice to kick off your look.

South Korean actress Park Min-young wore a cream-colored blouse with a pair of black pants. Her look is serious enough but still with tasteful design details to show her fashion status.

Button-up Shirt - Park Min-young

South Korean model Lee Sung-kyung paired her white blouse with a pair of white shorts. Her look is clean and chic. The loosely tucked-in blouse is sending out a casual vibe to lighten the mood.

Button-up Shirt - Lee Sung-kyung

Parents always have a soft spot for a girl next door sweetheart look. Chinese actress Maggie Jiang paired her cropped-sleeve oversized blouse with a denim mini skirt and styled her look with a warm-colored mini shoulder bag. This outfit is perfect for a casual and lighthearted lunch meeting.  

Button-up Shirt - Maggie Jiang Shuying

To show your sophisticated fashion style with a casual approach, try out a printed silk blouse like South Korean singer Lisa (Blackpink).

Button-up Shirt - BLACKPINK Lisa

Time to get your own Button-up Shirt

CHERRYKOKO Ruffle-Neck Pattern Blouse

CHERRYKOKO Ruffle-Neck Pattern Blouse

MILLOGREM Rustle Blouse

MILLOGREM Rustle Blouse

Pastel Colors

Research indicates many people may determine whether they would like to know more about you or keep their distance only by the color of your outfit. For example, you might want to avoid wearing dark-toned outfits like Navy, Gray or Black. You may think dark outfits can show how serious you are. However, they can be too dominant or making a semi-casual meeting awkwardly too official.

When meeting with your partner’s parents, especially in warm seasons, pastel colors are great options to complete a lovable look for this special occasion.

Try a youthful and refreshing vintage-inspired dress in pastel yellow like Chinese actress Guli Nazha.

Pastel colors - Guli Nazha

A casual V-neck t-shirt in pastel pink like the one that Jennie (Blackpink) wore is also a good start. Opt for a flattering skirt and a pair of cute ballerinas for a “daughter you’ve always wanted” kind of outfit.

Pastel colors - Blackpink Jennie

For a nice dinner outfit idea, Korean DJ Hyoyeon’s pastel blue crochet lace dress is a perfect option. Add elevated accessories with a smart and sophisticated hairstyle, you are ready to impress.

Pastel colors - Hyoyeon

Time to get your own Pastel-Colored Piece

CHERRYVILLE Square-Neck Tie-Waist Dress

CHERRYVILLE Square-Neck Tie-Waist Dress

HOTPING Monotone A-Line Minidress

HOTPING Monotone A-Line Minidress

Dungaree Dress Or Slip Dress Layered Over A Top

This is the most harmless and neighbor’s girl kind of ensemble. If you don’t like to dress too maturely for the occasion and have the power to just blend in like you come and join their dinner every other Friday night, this layered combo is your best bet.

Chose a button up denim dress with a simple white tee like South Korean actress Jung So-min and keep your make up simple.

Slip dress - Jung So-min

For a full classmate vibe check out South Korean actress Shin Hye-sun’s look. Pair a checked slip on dress with a cute blouse.

Slip dress - Shin Hye-sun

You can also play with patterns. Layer up a striped t-shirt with a floral slip-on dress like South Korean based Chinese singer Kyulkyung.

Slip dress - Kyulkyung

Time to get your own Dungaree / Slip Dress

HOTPING Checked Long Pinafore Dress

HOTPING Checked Long Pinafore Dress

Mango button front denim dress

Mango button front denim dress

Which of these looks are you going to wear? DO share your thoughts in the comment!

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